Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Risk averse - it isn't just the Police force

Listening to the radio, I'm hearing reports about the police becoming increasingly risk averse. Trust me, it's not just the police force. I work with schools, local government officers and voluntary organisations. People from these organisations are just plain scared of anything that hasn't been done 100 times before.

Just look at it - can you really tell any difference between schools - do you know of any that don't use uniforms? The last non-uniform school I worked at was Bedales - a leading fee paying school. How many schools have rethought the timetable? I know of one school in Kent that's looking at it.

We have set up a community interest company for our business, in an attempt to break away from this. We are happy to take the odd risk. So far we're managing to draw a salary from it - which is good.

We try to encourage community and voluntary organisations to use Free Software - with the well documented cost savings (no please don't start that argument here). These people are just plain scared of change or risk.